Normally our body contains 55% – 65% of water, we need balanced potassium and sodium which would help to muscle functioning, and it would release in the sweat. the potassium and sodium also very important in transfer information between cells. if we not drink much water which will leads to muscle cramps. also the flesh get loosen and wrinkles. so we need to get more water, which will help to spread the minerals into complete body and makes you feel younger for long time, take juices and sufficient water in particular in summers, which would helps to lead healthy lifestyle. Here are some food which has more in water.

Celery :

Celery has 95.4% of water, it has vitamin A, C and K. it also has less in calories and high in fibre so it would keep your weight in control and can lose weight with this super food, it also helps to cool the brain which makes you stress free, which made it a super food.

Lettuce :

lettuce has 95% of water, protein, fiber and omega 3, this nutrients would help all body elements live healthy, it also has very less in calories so people who taking it can reduce their weight as well. consuming this within 2 days we can get all nutritional benefits.

Green peppers :

Green peppers has 93.9% of water, and has lot of nutritional benefits, it also has vitamins like K, and high in water, so it also joined in this super food family.

Spinach :

spinach has 91.4% of water, it also has lutein, potassium and brain-boosting folate, it also has vitamin E which helps to healthy skin. it also has antioxidant which would fighting off the damaging molecules known as free radicals


broccoli has 89% of water, its super food which helps healthy and youthful life. which also has more anti oxidants and beta carotene, it also helps to protect from cancer.

We have all this nutritional benefits in general used foods as well, Eg: apple, baby carrot, rice, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, etc ,..

All the food has the potassium in common and high in water which help us from hydrated and youthful. which has antioxidants so we will live healthier and young throughout our life.