In accordance with the latest study, not less than 15 percent of visitors are from local points. Lookup for mobile user very, very high and hence they are looking for the local resource to fit their needs. To increase traffic on local searches, make sure your website is optimized for better mobile results. It is essential for local business to answer mobile dependent questions.

Factors to get rank in Local Results :

Local Citations :

Incase your business has been here for some time maintaining good profile on internet. Profile seems to have properties/attributes like business name, business purpose, address, contact number etc.. These are referred as citations or Local Citations for business.

Building Local Citations :

Google Places :

You could have come across the term “Google Places” for business purposes.

This is formulated mainly to deal with the substance available in Google Search Results and Google Maps.

With this you are more available to the user who are greedy about you, also assists in ensuring the consumers about your website’s information like work time, name, purpose and address and contact number.

G+ Pages :

Google Plus will benefit you by establishing a communication with end users and make yourself getting exposed better. Helps to enumerate social bond to the listings you create, enables you to have a 2 way interaction by