Are you not fit to your favorite dress? Do you want to reduce weight for the function which is a month away.? Are you in heavy diet to reduce your body weight.? Are you struck with not reducing weight with all the trials you made, i can understand you and here is what you want to know exactly in the weight lose process. slow and steady wins the race system works best in the body weight process, slow weight lose is healthy as well. you should be very determinant otherwise no use of taking this steps and will not work.

Don’t eat the food which you don’t like

We should not force yourself to include foods in your diet plan, which is absolutely not good, that wont help you as your mind need to set your weight lose process, eating the food which you don’t like makes your mind stressed, some time make you sick.

Choose the healthy food which you like.

We should plan the diet with our favorite foods must be healthy, and continue the same till you succeed your weight lose goal. So make list of healthy food which is you like to eat. then split it according to our plan which is explained below.

Take a bath with normal water.

The normal water bath makes your body bring down the temperature, and the body use to raise back the temperature and maintain it with outer temperature for that it will burn the fat cells. that would help you lose the weight. it would be hard to make you bath in rain or winter season, As i said you need to be very determinant in your weight lose process.

Drink Green Tea

Drink green tea which will help you clean your digestive system, and it would be good internal body cleanser, It also has anti oxidants which will helps increase metabolism, which will burn the fat cells. with just green tea you can reduce 2 kgs by taking 2 cups a day.

More fiber makes you full your stomach.

You should not skip the break fast, it would be very mandatory thing you need to have breakfast with more fiber which will keep your stomach full for long time, so you will not feel hungry soon. follow the correct timing food.

Do a little exercise

do a exercise in the early morning rather then doing it in evening, that will help you reduce fat and make you healthy, and it also keeps you active all the day. the exercise makes you sweat, which will help you swap out the wastage’s completely from your body. and that makes blood circulated through out the body. and the oxygen supplies to whole body. so don’t skip the exercise even after you succeed your weight lose goal.

Have more protein

Take more protein in your diet, that will help you to fight against the fat cells and improve muscle strength, so take more protein foods in your breakfast, that would help you to reduce fat cells in your body, give strength to do workouts.

Play with morning sunrise

Staying in sunrise would also help you to fight with fat cells. some surveys says just spending time with sunrise will reduce few kgs of weight, which will improve metabolism in your body. do small walk, jag or running under sunrise would be more effective. the sun rise also helps your body to get D vitamin, which is the natural source.

So do all those changes in your lifestyle which would help you reduce your body weight up-to 10 kgs and improve muscles, makes you more active and energetic all the day. Last but not least determinant you should be very determinant until you succeed your weight lose goal. All the best…