Google Adsense is one of the major resource for earning income online through ads. and most of them feel hard to make it approved from google. here are few point which would help you to get some idea on this.

Step 1 : Design a good Website

We need a website to make this happen, the basic thing is you need to design website which is very catchy and user friendly, so user can navigate all over the site, should be look professional and nice look depends on your idea. there is lot tutorial guides available online that would help you in this. check other sample designs like the category you prefer. that would help you to do similar or better design, make it unique design and stay separated.

Step 2: Publish Unique and Quality Content

The content based sites would get more benefit then other sites to approve in google adsense, the content shouldn’t be duplicated or spinned one. write the content uniquely and must be useful to users, they are the main resource, so you suppose to be write content which is useful to user, make more repeated users, your success is depends on the users, more users would leads to get more success.

Step 3 : A Little SEO

Search engine optimization: we need to do little optimization to the site, so it will rank in search engines, there is 2 types

On page Optimization :