YONEX SUNRISE Hong Kong Open – Semi Finals Badminton Matches – Live Updates

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Sindhu and sameer entered into finals , so we have 2 final matches on tomorrow, Catch up live updates on tomorrow, Good night

PUSARLA V. Sindhu(India) Beat CHEUNG Ngan Yi(Hong Kong) with 21 – 14, 21 – 16. And moved to finals, congratulates her

PUSARLA V. Sindhu(India) VS CHEUNG Ngan Yi(Hong Kong)
21Set 114
21Set 216

Sameer VERMA(India)  Beat  Jan O JORGENSEN [3](Denmark) with 21 – 19, 24 – 22. And moved to final, Give him a big applause

Sameer VERMA(India) VS Jan O JORGENSEN [3](Denmark)
21Set 119
24Set 222


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