What is stroke

STROKE is as same as the heart attack except its occurrence in the brain.


Any obstruction in the blood flow to the brain reduces oxygen supply, leading to brain cells death. Dead brain cells will never recover. This death of brain cells is said to be stroke.


Brain is the governing centre of every parts of the body. Every single function of the body is under control of brain. According to the area of brain where the stroke has occurred, the function of body is impaired.


Stroke is also known as CEREBRO VASCULAR ACCIDENT..


What are the Causes and types of stroke:


According to different causative factors leading to stroke there are few types of strokes classified or named.


ISCHAEMIC stroke: this is the most common stroke prevailing in about 85% of cases. This type of stroke is caused by reduced supply of blood to brain due to blockages in the blood vessels supplying the brain. In reply brain doesn`t get sufficient oxygen to function properly.


HAEMORRHAGIC stroke: this type of stroke accounts for about 15% of the cases. As the name indicate it reduces the blood and oxygen supply to brain by bleeding process,


EMBOLIC stroke: These strokes occur by the movement of emboli or clotting of blood formed somewhere in the body towards into the brain affecting the blood supply to the brain.


THROMBOTIC stroke: this type is caused by the thrombus formation i.e. the fat deposition in the walls of the arteries supplying the brain. Thrombus formation blocks the blood to brain and reduce the oxygen supply to brain.


The emboli stroke and thrombotic stroke can be grouped under ISCHAEMIC stroke. The further types of the HAEMORRHAGIC stroke are subarachnoid and intra cerebral stroke.


The subarachnoid stroke is the stroke occurring due to bleeding under the membrane covering the brain.


The intra cerebral stroke is the stroke occurring due to the bleeding within the brain.


What are the risk factors for stroke :


    • Ageing factor