Do you feel tiring, Cant able to complete any work.? then your stamina in your body is the culprit, lack of stamina makes you feel tired soon. More stamina helps to do all process in your body, so we need to search a way to get more stamina by food and other activity.

Lack of stamina make us feel tired and make hate of our-self, because you loose your strength in between the work and cant proceed. you will feel like a loser if it continues in this way. so change it in the success way by adding this foods in your daily in take, then you will feel stronger and get more stamina, can complete all works as you thought of to complete it. it also improves your sex life as well. below are the foods.

Sweet Potato :

Sweet potato it has starchy carbs, so it stores energy into the body and keep the body fat down, athletes can take this after workout so it balances energy soon, it does begin the body repair process when you have the small or medium sweet potato, don’t omit it from your diet.

Banana :

Banana has potassium, it would help you to do longer workout, when you have it before workout, it would take longer time than normal. it also has fiber and natural fruit sugars, so it would keep you full for long time, and its also called instance energizer, you most of the time, you often see the athlete eat it when they playing or workout times.

Coffee :

Coffee has caffeine content which stimulates the central nervous system, and make you brisk in short time, so if you feel exhaust you can take a cup of coffee to get back to active state.

Beet Root Juice :

Beetroot Juice is one of the great juice which give tremendously more stamina level, it have more nutritional benefits due to this reason you have do long duration of workouts, athletes or body builder can take beetroot juice to do long sessions of training’s.


Avocado has more anti oxidants which supplies oxygen to all cells in our body and maintain stamina to our body, it has many nutritional benefits, so add it to your daily diet list. take this as daily foods.

Egg :

Egg has high protein, so you have it it make you energy for a whole day, and it also improves metabolism, so you can reduce weight when you take a egg each day.

Oats :

Oats has lot of carbohydrates, it keeps stamina in your body for a whole day, its good to consume as break fast. it also helps to reduce body weight, so people who plan for weight lose can include this in their plan, which is normally keeps you full for long time.

Walnuts :

Walnuts has high in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, and give you stamina,