Steps to start earning money through website

One of the smartest way to earning money is through website, recent days most of them has website to represent their business, reading , shopping and booking and many more happening in online, now we come to the point how to earn money through website, here are the basics about the earning money through website, we give you an idea on the process with simple steps, which will be easy to understand

1) Choose website that matches your idea

The better presentation would give you good impression, and help you to drive more traffic into website, we can use our website in two types
1) To display text information
2) To display products
Blogs , forums and basic information site comes under informative site, For the ecommerce type site used to display products, for eg amazon, flipcart , etc…

2) Choose Host and domain name

Domain name is the unique name which is linked to your site, it would pull your site once we type it in the browser address bar and click enter, It’s like unique eg phone number and address.
Hosting is like space in the centralized server where you going to keep your site. We have some companies which providing hosting and domain as well.

Go through the hosting company before you purchasing it, Basic plan is enough to start doing the site in the initial stage, once income has started we can increase our plans, make sure its under your budget, some hosting provides monthly basis plan, we can give a try and check it with less investment.

3) Build website as you decided in the first point

We have thousands of open sources to build the site,
Blog : To build blog site we have WordPress its an opensource and comes free of cost, we can install it from the hosting cpanel, and choosing good theme, that is depends on the budget or free. Choose it nicer theme which makes your site look better, the theme should match your business idea as you going to create blogs which target certain topic, eg: lifestyle, science or sports . So choosing the theme which relates to your category.

Ecommerce : To build eCommerce based site we have open-sources where we can install it easily , we can have this option to install it from hosting company cpanel, once we build it we can add products which we have in our to sale.

4 Do a Little SEO to the Site

Search engine optimization: we need to do little optimization to the site, so it will rank in search engines, there is 2 types

On page Optimization : we need to those change on the web site so we call it on page optimization eg : adding titles, meta tags, alt tags to links, placing sitemap file in the server as per the search engine guidelines and robot file. Which would help search engine to crawl the site content.

Off page Optimization : we need to do offpage optimization as well, so we can rise rankings and positions in the search results. Eg : building back-linking, forum submissions and blog commenting .
Need to do it correctly as per search engine guidelines, that would help us to rise the positions, once we up and we can get organic traffic, once we started to getting organic traffic . we are ready to start earning, and we are in the final step now.

5) Start earning from adsence or affiliates

Now we are ready to earn, once our site is up and getting decent traffic, we can apply adsence in google or sites where we can get income when our users clicking the links. Main thing is we need to get more traffic so add good content which help increase the users and repeat the user to our site again and again.

Another way of earning is doing affiliation, once we make affiliate link in our site and the user purchase through our site, then we get commissions from our affiliate.

For eCommerce site, we can use our products for sales or we can do drop shipping in that we display other site products, and user purchases in our site shipping work done by our mother site. So it would be risk free, we need to just register display those product, get decent traffic to our site, make our users purchase the product. We get commissions once the order is made.

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