Hospitals are the main requirement in an emergency situation to meet out medical help. We need to be aware of the hospitals around us, especially the 24 hour hospitals in our locality. Their only we can meet our medical needs anytime.


There are huge amount of 24 hour telephone services are accessible to aid inhabitants in referral to service which can lend a helping hand.


Hospitals listed below provide 24 hour services in Chennai city. People can make best use of it during accidents and other critical medical needs.



Hospital NamePhone Numbers
Apollo Hospital8294343 / 8293333
Aysha Hospital6421255
Balaji Hospital2343863
Best Hospital4832777 / 2781
Cencer Institute2350131 / 0241
Chennai Kaliappa4936098
Childs Trust Hospital8259601
C.S.I. Rainy5951329
Devaki Hospital4992607 / 0788
Hande Hospital6442517
Hindu Mission Hospital2367711
K.H.M. Hospital6212218
K.J. Hospital6411513
Kumaran Hospital6411860 / 3357
Madras Mission Hospital6259801
Malar Hospitals Ltd4914023 / 4737
Miot Hospital4838729 / 9148
Metha Medical Center5359190
M.R. Hospital4837925
M.V. Hosptial for Diabetes5954913 / 14 / 15
National Hospital511405 / 408
Pilips Hospital2366569
St. Isable Hospital4991081 / 1082
St. Thomas Hospital2349446 / 3233
Sooriya Hospital4833976
Swaram Hospital4912625
S.R.M. Hospital4832290
SundaramMedical Foundation6269435 / 8844
Teja Hospital6385002
Trinity Hoapital4990880
The Guest Hospital6411656
Vijaya Hospital4802221
B.R.S. Hospital8255859 / 5505
H.M. Hospial4996648
Robin & Robin Health Care6205252
Sri Ramachandra Hospital4768032