A perfect receipe is always a net result of the perfectly added ingredients in the correct proportion. A kitchen weighing scale helps you to maintain the amount or weight of ingredient added to the receipe. Kitchen weighing scales ensure precision in the kitchen not only that many are so health conscious nowadays and they really need the weight of the food they intake in order to calculate the calories of the food they take. They also want to calculate the proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrient content of the food and this can be done by weighing the food or ingredients we use to cook.

A kitchen weighing scale does this perfectly. This professional designed scale is perfect for kitchen use.

It’s other features were:

Helps to weigh the ingredients used to make the perfect receipe and dieting purpose.

Compact in size and hence don’t occupy much space in your kitchen, portable and battery operated.

Weighs accurately and has TARE option.

Wide LCD display and automatic switch off.

Two model unit (g/oz) available

Low battery and overload indicator.

High precision sensing system.

Has Tare option to reset the display to zero to weigh second ingredient along with the first ingredient.

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