Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative progressive disorder of brain and the most common form of dementia. Most probably all the intellectual functions are affected due to irreversible loss of neurons. Few cases has permanent disturbance in learning and memory functions.


Alzheimer’s disease was named after a doctor named Aloysius Alzheimer, a German Neuropathologist he is the one who identified this form of dementia in the year 1906.

What causes Alzheimer’s:


This disease has an unknown cause. The nerve cells are permanently damaged to cause the intellectual functions to drop. Mainly the memory power, learning ability, concentration, reasoning, are affected.


Most probably aging plays a role in causing Alzheimer.


In some cases it is due to presence of particular genetic risk factor. It can have familial history.


Some syndromes like Down syndrome can be a cause and risk factor for Alzheimer.


Few other risk factors are:


Elevated cholesterol level


Elevated blood pressure


Elevated blood sugar level – diabetes


Various heart related diseases like coronary heart diseases


Women are most likely to be affected by this brain disease


Exposure to toxic chemicals irritating to the brain activity


Severe head injuries


Poor mental activities can affect brain cells


What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:


First and foremost is the permanent loss of memory and trouble in recovering the current actions


Disturbance in the learning process


Disturbance in the recognizing process


Disturbance in forming few words for pointing to particular objects


Difficulty in concentration


Cant able to produce a logical reasoning


Delay in decision making


Sever psychological problems like depression and anxiety


Some find difficulty in doing their habitual work


Seems to be lost something in life, their personality is changed and mood swings


Some have disturbances in sleeping pattern


Test and diagnosis:


Doctors can do no tests to find Alzheimer’s directly. Only through the patients history of cause and symptoms seen doctors can come too some conclusions.


Physical tests:


In these physical type of tests doctors


Check for the reflex actions


Check for the change in muscle tone


Check for the coordination of the patient


Check for the balancing abilities


Check for the daily routine activities


Check for the sensations like touch and light


Intellectual type tests:


Check for the remembering ability of the patient


Check for the patients reaction to particular task assigned


Check for his learning abilities


Check the spelling ability pointing on certain objects


Ask questions on daily routines to perform


Counting back technique


Check for writing ability


There are few neuropsychological tests to differentiate it from other forms of dementia.




CT SCAN, MRI SCAN and PET SCAN are the common scanning done to rule out the other factors like tumors, head injuries related disease and other brain diseases.


Scan can show the shrinkages in the brain region to locate the intellectuals affected and differentiate from other dementias


Treatment for Alzheimer’s:


Medications available must be taken only after the doctor`s prescriptions


Most commonly used drugs are


Cholinesterase inhibitors – these are the commonly used drug to reduce the decline in the mental capabilities of the patient. These mainly stimulate the nerve cells by increasing the production of the acetylcholine.


Glutamate antagonist


These drugs also stimulate nerve cells by increasing the activity of the neurotransmitters. Most commonly used drugs are memantine.


Apart from drugs various life style changes are needed to be implemented to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


Creating a safer environment for them


Avoiding the confusing situations they face


Maintain an exercise pattern according to the ability of the patient to improve them. Mainly the physiotherapists are involved in the recovery process.


Including a nutritious diet suitable for the patient according to the advice of the doctors


Proper treatment for the psychological conditions like depression and anxiety


Avoid things that disturb sleeping pattern


Try to change the behavior by the behavior therapy


Maintain the hearts health


Maintain the abilities to make the intellectual to recover


Prevention of Alzheimer’s:


Few possible ways to reduce the risk of occurrence of Alzheimer are follows


Eat nutritious food to maintain hearts health


Keep a routine exercise plan or engage in physical activity daily by some mode


Keep the brain active daily by engaging in some mind activities


Keep yourself well educated all time


Keep your blood sugar under control


Always try to engage in some social activities


Reduce blood cholesterol and blood pressure




Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable disease. It can only be slowed down. Person with this disease seems to be more of the emotional imbalance. So care is more important for them emotionally.


This disease is irreversible and till now no proven cause has been found. So awareness is the only mode to prevent the onset of this disease.