Awareness is needed to be created on the blood banks available around us. Blood banks are the vital area for obtaining blood in needed time to save life. Emergency needs matching type of blood groups which can be received only from such banks.


Blood banks are seen attached to hospitals in most of the areas. It can be government or private or volunteer blood banks. These banks collect blood of all four major types and have laboratories to test them for matching and detection of disease free blood.


Each and every drop of blood saves life, donate blood and save life.


Information on list of blood banks in Punjab state


Blood Bank NameAddress with Phone Numbers
Sacred Heart HospitalMaqsudan, GT Road, Jalandhar-144008
Contact: 0181-2672126, 2670664
Civil HospitalNear Jyoti Chowk, Jalandhar
Contact: 0181-2227006
Ohri HospitalSUS Nagar, Jalandhar
Contact: 0181-2222259
Tagore Heart CareBanda Bahadur Nagar, Jalandhar
Contact: 0181-2257120 2203322
New Ruby Hospital25, Link Road, Lajpatrai Nagar, Jalandhar-144001
Contact: 0181-2220130
Kidney Hospital63, Waryam Nagar, Cool Road, Jalandhar
Contact: 0181-2272236
SGL Charitable HospitalK2, Roop Nagar, Garha Road, Jalandhar-144001
Contact: 0181-2481205/ 06, 2482581
Pruthi Hospital301, Lajpat Nagar, Jalandhar
Contact: 0181-2222266, 2448899
Blood BankOhri Hospital, SUS Nagar, Jalandhar
Contact: 0181-2222259
Blood Doners SocietyNear Gulab Dev Hospital, Jalandhar
Contact: 0181-2252256
Regional Blood BankRed Cross Bhawan, Mall Road, Ludhiana-141001
Contact: 0161-2447226
Red Cross Blood BankRed Cross Bhawan, The Mall, Ludhiana-141001
Contact: 0161-2441257