Blood banks are the storage region or area of blood for later on usage in an emergency situation. Each and every drop of blood saves a life. Not all blood types are matched for everyone; we need particular group of blood to match of complement it.


Blood banks have all the types of blood groups and testing lab to check the blood types and are of free from disease. We need to be aware of those blood banks and some hospitals that have blood banks attached to them. It helps us in an urgent situation.


Here is the list of blood banks in Uttaranchal.


Blood Bank Name Address with Phone Numbers
Doon Hospital Dehradun
Phone – 0135-2655422
HIHT Jolly Grant Dehradun
Phone – 0135-2412081 to 86
ONGC Hospital Dehradun
Phone – 0135-2795887
Army Hospital Dehradun
Phone – 0135-2706520, 2706507
Chaabra Blood Bank Dehradun
Phone – 0135-2654134 / 2783504
Shri Mahant Indresh Hospital Dehradun
Phone – 0135-2728107
I.M.A. Blood Bank, Ballupur Road Dehradun
Phone – 0135-2755010 to 12
Udhamsingh Nagar
J.L.N. Distt. Hospital Rudrapur, (U.S. Nagar)
Phone – 05944-241422
L. D. Bhatt Hospital Kashipur, U.S. Nagar
District Hospital Gopeshwar (Chamoli)
Phone – 01372-252245
District Hospital Narender Nagar, (Tehri)
Phone – 01376-227240
Distt. HMG Hospital Haridwar
Phone – 01334-222210
Army Hospital Roorkee
Phone – 01334-427360-69
B.H.E.L. Hospital Haridar
Phone – 01334-285247, 285225
Combined Hospital Roorkee
Phone – 01332-264333
Ramakrishna Mission Haridwar
Phone – 01334-246141, 244176, 244984
B. D. Pandey, Distt. Hospital Nainital
Phone – 05942-235012, 235022
Soban Singh Jeena Base Hospital Haldwani (Nainital)
Phone – 04946-251088
Shushila Tiwari Hospital Haldwani, (Nainital)
Phone – 955946-234104, 234397
Distt. Hospital Pithoragarh
Phone – 05964-225687
Distt. Hospital Almora
Phone – 05962-230064
Distt. Hospital Uttarkashi
Phone – 01374 – 222103
Pauri Garhwal
Distt. Hospital Pauri
Phone – 01368-223102
Base Hospital Srinagar (Pauri)
Phone – 01346-252342