Cooking is undoubtedly a great task. Cooking is a combined process of steaming, boiling, frying, blanching, draining, drying, grinding, blending and many more. Many of these process is combined together to get a delicious food. Some of these process are really tedious and messy.

One such process is making pasta. Boiled pasta is needed to be drained. Its tough to drain the hot pasta and also it releases starch which is thick and messy to drain. But a new steel strainer is introduced as a kitchen gadget which makes this process so simple and easy.

It is a flexible and foldable basket with multiple usage. It gets fit in to the sauce pans easily and expands instantly. You have to just place the basket in the sauce pan with water filled in the pan. Put the pasta in the basket. Once the pasta gets boiled, You can just lift the basket by holding its handles which doesn’t gets heated. And all the starch is left in the pan and the pasta is drained just by lifting. and the messy process in completely avoided with the help of this flexible basket. Not only pastas you can use it for boiling vegetables and frying process too and drain easily the contents just by lifting the handles. The handle never gets hot and makes cooking an easier task.

Made of stainless steel, foldable and easy to store. It can be folded in many shapes and used as a basket too. As it is a flexible one it can be folded flat and stored. Hence it doesn’t occupy much space in kitchen. It is a simple and affordable kitchen utility but an useful product. It is easily available in online and it is just a click faraway. Just click the link and order online.