Moulding kids a great part of parenting. Each kid is unique. Bringing up a kid as a healthy , happy and smart child depends upon various factors. Moulding a child is nothing but guiding the child in the right way.

Children in today’s generation undergo stress in early ages. Children always love to get attention. If they are let alone with less or no attention they begin to misbehave or throw tantrums to seek attention.

Todays world with busy wings , living in small or nuclear familes without the support of elders, or both of them as working parents make the task of parenting or handling children in a rigt way a huge thing.

Parents are the first teachers and role model for kids. Not only by teaching or saying or by giving advice to them, children themselves have a great impact on parents by watching them and imitate them.

Every child loves freedom. Give them a huge space to enjoy their freedom.

Treating the child with respect will make them to treat others with respect. So always treat kids with respect and do not use abusive words to correct their mistakes.Listen to them very calmly and carefully if they intend to tell you something. Dont interupt them. Role play with your kids to know what all they want to express. Listening to them teaches them to listen to others like their classmates or friends . Teach them later after hearing them completely if they are wrong in any way. Always be smiling and have eye contact when you are advicing.

Teach them to be independent. Let them learn few things by making their own mistakes. Only then they will know to handle the mistakes.Teach them to take responsibilities. Even if they make any mistake let them admit it than to hide it.

Never be too harsh or too linient towards children. Give credits to them for their goodwork. A proper encouragement will make your child happy and will make them to do their work more enthusiastically either it may be a sport, art or craft work or even in academics. Teach them to be kind to everyone. kindness is a great virtue so inculcate it at early ages.Teach them to help others. Use kind words to kids such as asking ‘Sorry’ if you are wrong, saying ‘Thank you’ if they give you anything, these habits will naturally teach a child to learn manners and follow the same in the home and also with others.

Teach them to fall and rise. Don’t defend them always from falling. Let them know the ups and downs. They will also know that life is not about always winning. Its ok to fall and begin to run again. The problem is only if we don’t getup after we fall.

Always spend quality time with kids. Even if its an hour of time weekly once or twice spend with them wholeheartedly by listening to the stories they tell and playing with them. Even engage your kids in little household chores let them learn the importance of sharing the work between the members of home.

Avoid arguements or fights with your spouce in front of the children. Always speak gently. Kids always have a great impact on parents to imitate. Even if you have a difference of opinions solve the conflicts when children are away. Children who are grown in a happier situation find to be more successful. Always keep yourself happy and cool. This helps to have a safe ,secured and happy feel to the child.

Teach optimistic characters to the child. It will make them contented and feel satisfied when they are grown up. Make kids to play more, preferably outdoors or even indoors. Sports and games gives children the quality to realize winning and losing are common in life and hence get introduced to face them equally.

Keep your kids hale and healthy. Try to make them be aware that ‘Health is Wealth’. All child don’t like to take healthy foods all the time. But avoid junk foods to a greater extent. Teach the kids with the benefits of having healthy food. But treat them once in a while with the food they love.

Make sure that your child have enough amount of sleep. Lack of sleep in children drives them crazy when they are young and it is unhealthy in long run.

Reduce their screen time . Make sure that the screen time does not exceed 2 hours per day. Excessive screen time have effects over the kids sleep and visual problems. Not only that, kids lose their ability to imagine as they get used to see anything visually on screen.

Try to have one meal a day together with kids. Its the time for the kids to feel family integrity, and also love and care of the family members. It teaches them the importance of family. And gives them a secured feeling that they have a loving family to share anything in the future.

Remove your child’s fear. Make them to feel confident so that they can try what they want to. Guide them if they are unsuccessful in anything and the reasons why they fail. Motivate them to try again.

Do not keep parenthood as a stressful job and enjoy parenting. Kids will grow up soon so before that enjoy your parenthood by being close to them at their kinder ages and teaching them the right things to turn them as a responsible and caring adults.