Organic vs paid search 

If you are in dilemma choosing better option between paid and organic search, then the answer to this question is not so simple.  There are drawbacks and benefits in both the methods, in order to know which the best approach is, let us check out the differences between the two.  Let us take each of them one by one to understand the benefits of the two

Benefits of Organic Search

  • Creditability and Trust – More trust and creditability is generated when the search engine ranking is high. The general perception is that if the rankings are on the high end, it means that there is a leadership ad authority standing in the industry. This in turn builds confidence in the customers mind.
  • Ranking is evergreen if content is evergreen – Considering that content is the backbone for any website, if your content is rich and meaningful, you can be sure that your ranking will also be rich. The best thing here is that once your ranking is up, you can still hold your position even if the content was not developed recently.
  • Click through rates – For the results in organic search, if the immediate purchase intent is not show then the chances are a lot better. In search terms, this is also referred to as Top of funnel and is one of the most essential factors for that business that have a buying cycle, which is long.
  • Inbound marketing – In order to achieve the strategy for organic search, it is necessary the relevant content have to be developed by marketers. This is essential in the case where the involvement purchases are higher. The content is used as a form of interaction during the time the users move down the funnel of purchase.

Drawbacks of Organic Search

  • Resources – Many resources have to be used in order to achieve high ranks. This means that both SEO tactics and content have to be used together and in a planned and orderly manner. This is time consuming and can be very frustrating.
  • Time – The organic search is a time consuming method since it is purely based on the keywords and the competitiveness factor and effectiveness they have. This can take a long time to get the necessary results, which means you have to be patient.

Benefits of Paid search

  • Shorter time faster results – In paid ads, the top ranking is a lot faster thanks to the paid ads that are placed across the net.
  • Customized as per target audience- Each ad campaign is designed and tailored based on the type of audience you want to target. This means you can categorize it as per the age, industry, geo targeting, and other such factors.
  • Enhances the click through rates- you can purchase keywords which are brand or product specific; this will help to ensure that you hit the nail n the head.

Drawbacks of Paid ads

  • Costly then Organic search- the cost factor of these kinds of search is high and is based on the competitiveness of the keywords. The stronger the keyword, the more the price is which means that you will spend through your noise to get the right kind of stuff.
  • Temporary ads – The minute you opt to stop using paid ads, these ads will no longer be available, this means that after you decide to opt out, you can be sure that your ad will not be seen again.
  • Not trusted by many customers – Not everybody trusts paid ads and many a times, many consumers avoid them. In comparison to paid ads, consumers trust the rankings that come from organic search.
  • Lower rate on click through rate – apart from the intent search that you purchase on a high rate, the rate for the click through rate in paid search will be a lot lower than the one is generated through organic search.