Keyword Research

If you are excellent in researching keywords for your site, it is no doubt that you have known your competitors better than anyone. Keyword is the major factor to bring your site traffic, leads and sales. It is the keyword, that decides whether your business get developed or shattered.

How to Choose Right Keyword?

  • Is keyword you choose is more relevant to your website ?
  • Can audience reach your site with those appropriate keyword?
  • Is your keyword is a long tail keyword ?
  • Is your keyword is location based too ?
  • Avoid more specific keywords.
  • Avoid broad keywords too.
  • More competitive keywords too

Keywords in Title and Description

Website content’s essentials components are meant to be Meta Tile and description. And it is necessary that keywords need to be included here. By adding more relevancy helps search engines to index and showcase your website in a short while.

Inclusion of keywords in Meta Tag and Description, drives user to click your website and look for in turn increases your website’s Click Through Rate(CTR). Appropriate and catchy keywords can work more efficiently in attracting audiences attracting.

Header Optimization

Header tags is the key factor to improve search engine visibility.

H1 Tags : Only on H1 tag recommended. Primary keyword can be placed here.

H2, H3 Tags : More than 2 tags are recommended. LSI keywords can be placed here.

H4, H5 and H6 tags : Optional tags.


SEO friendly URLs

SEO-friendly URLs is almost been a dispute subject in Search Engine Optimization . Here we give some tips on how to structure SEO friendly URL.

Readability of URL

URL of website must be easy to read by visitors. It is like giving user a chance to get to know what information provided in our website. Readability is the first and foremost factor when structuring SEO friendly URL.

Embed Keywords in URL

Add keywords that you intend to rank for while organizing your website URL. So that when someone finds  your link, they can get an immediate idea on what they looking for.

Crispy URL :

No problem in using lengthy URL. But when its comes to user experience, short URLs are more preferable because user can easily remember, easy to parse etc. Shortened URLs are also very easy to share across social medias.

Match URL to Title

Matching URL of a website to it’s title can decrease the bounce rate.

Putting simply , when users on search engine open up your web blog post , they look forward to a certain thing . It is your work to satisfy those demands and provide the correct substance.

The URL of a website develops anticipation and the title gives on it . Therefore , both of those requires quite the same keywords.

Avoid Case Sensitivity URL:

Unix/Linux platforms do look for case sensitivity.

Image optimization

Image is the visual representation of what we do. Pictures can interpret than text.

Alt Attribute :

Alt attribute is an alternative text to an image. When image  failed to get displayed, alternative text displays the information about the image.

Image Title

Title tag is the information that gets displayed when you hover your cursor over the image. Using relevant keywords can as more relevance.

Image Size

Image size can show great impact on page speed. Keep low bytes images.

File name

File names to add more relevancy. Must be better if keywords replace default names.

Image linking

Better results can be get by proper image linking. Use Anchor tag to link images rather than direct linking.

Broken Link Analysis

It is highly important that website links should be checked on regular basis since your website totally relies on hyperlinks. Broken links leads to unavailable pages, providing poor image, poor user experience, to your site in turn brings you down on search engine.

Cut down the Bounce Rate

Here are some tips to cut down your website’s bounce rate.

  • good kick start phrase
  • Provide good and unique content attaining users attention.
  • Make your content easy to read and comprehends.
  • Use highlighted texts.
  • Use images, quotes, content delivering videos.
  • Keywords bolded and hyperlinked.
  • Make visitors to engage and participate themselves.
  • Better Conclusion


Text/HTML ratio

If this ratio seems to be higher, then there is a good chance of getting your website displayed in Search Engine.

Duplicate content

Search Engine takes account of fresh content always in ranking a particular website. Content on one or more places leads to website spam.


A great issue that must never occur in taking care of website’s traffic. Having two Pages with different URLs leads to duplication. Make sure your website have the best URL user opts for.

Page Speed

To provide good user experience, page speed is considerable. Slow page speed stops crawler from crawling and indexing many of your web pages. If a page takes more time to load, high bounce rate occurs, users give up your service sometimes.


Keep crawlers away from indexing your highly secured pages with Robots file.


Sitemap tells search engines what updation has been recently done on your website and what content you have , providing a path to search engine to find your site in SERPS.

Schema Implementation is the new way to enhance the visibility of a website in SERPS by implementing a set of codes.

Sample Code :

<div itemprop=”aggregateRating” itemscope itemtype=””> <span itemprop=”ratingValue”>4.5</span> stars – <span itemprop=”reviewCount”>24</span> reviews </div>

Internal Linking

Internal linking refers to link to the another page of the same domain.

Why internal links needed ?

  • To drive traffic to other pages in a website.
  • To provide navigation between pages.
  • To increase rank of every pages in site.
  • Make users to spend more time.
  • To showcase deep links .

Social Sharing Buttons

Ideal place for brand marketing is doubtlessly Social Media. It is very important and essential medium in spreading content to people around the world. To share our information easily on social media, these sorts of sharing buttons are needed on website.


Mobile users are increasing rapidly. Almost 70 percent of traffic is from mobile users. Responsive websites will get displayed in SERPS than websites that are not mobile friendly.


Website may contain security information that needs to be password protected. .htaccess file deals with this scenario. Also when you want to rewrite URLS, setting redirects etc.

Proper Navigation

This is the path to reach all the contents and information in a website. Better navigation delivers good user experience, better impression and high conversions too.

Good navigational website needs

  • Good menu structure
  • Clickable images
  • Click menus and submenus

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing raised mainly to avoid keyword stuffing.  LSI is another way of using keywords in your pos, blog etc. Using synonyms for a word to avoid using one word all around the article.


301 Redirection

If you are in need of preserving traffic for a particular page, or when a file moved permanently ,  302 redirection is the best choice.

302 Redirection

302 code is temporary redirect.

404 Redirection

This redirect is used when a new page needs to tested and also in preserving ranking, traffic.


Rss feeds

Rss feeds are one of the trick to provide updates daily to readers. when you have your own blog and share with other people, you can add another’s team , RSS feed.

Great formula for attracting visitors is to provide them fast updation on what’s happening around, which RSS feeds can do.

Check IP Canonicalization

IP Canonicalization issue occurs when website’s IP address not redirected to website’s domain name. This issue can be fixed by  mod_rewrite module and .htaccess

Citation Analysis
Citation is nothing but another vendor includes your business name giving a reference to you. Search engine takes those references and think you in a great way. When your site has an increased number of citations, soon your site appears in SERPS.

Local citations do really matter in Local SEO. If your business needs attention from local people, local citation are an added advantage. Geographically targeting your website in a better way.

Google Analytics
Make sure your website is connected to Google analytics to monitor website’s traffic, and detailed report on visitor’s.

Web Master Tools
Make sure your website connected to Webmaster tool to see who gets linked to your site, to improve the site performance, too look over all the important SEO aspects like Site Structure, Keywords etc.