Have we ever wondered , why we feel so energetic and convert to a happy mood if we step in to a beach, or walk along a sea shore or beneath a waterfall or a woody region or in a lush of green fields? Its because of the positive energy that is released by nature. Nature always emits the negative ions . This negative ions binds with the positive ions thus making it heavy and let it to fall to the ground. Hence the place is filled with positive energy and the same vibes streches to us if we step in to those places and make us to feel energetic. why we dont feel the same energy if we are indoors either at our home or a work place


An environment with clean air has become impossible nowadays. Especially in the cities with heavy usage of vehicles and industrial smoke . Even a house which looks neat and tidy is actually not free from air pollutants. The air inside our home or a closed office space where we spend 90% of our day is more polluted than the outer space. Continous exposure of indoor air pollutants can also lead to disturbed sleep, respiratory problems, allergies and may affect lungs.

There are many factors that cause air pollution in our homes. A home without proper ventilation especially in kitchens can lead to air pollution. Use of firewoods, kerosene for cooking produce a lot of smoke which result in air pollution. Even the gas stoves emit some toxic gases which are harmful to breathe even if we cook a meal for a day. 

Having a proper ventilation to let the unwanted gases to get out and checking of the kitchen exhaust fans which helps the unwanted smoke to get out of houses will help us to get rid of this tpe of air pollution to a greater extent. usage of cooking oils which have high smoke points help to an extent to avoid smoke while cooking.

The kitchen sinks are prone to moisture and they pave way for the growth of moulds. Let the exhaust fans to run after a shower to dry the moisture in the bathroom walls as it quits the growth of moulds. Fix water leaks at sinks or air conditioner pipes or taps to avoid growth of moulds.

usage of vehicles in urban is an important factor of air pollution. Fossil fuels emit plenty of smoke. Avoiding the usage of vehicles for a single person, using of bicycles for shorter distances which doesn’t cause damage to the eco system or using public transports help to reduce the smoke from vehicles.

Keep the windows open to let the dumped air in houses to circulate so that we get fresh air. sufficient of fresh air coming indoor through the ventilation helps to maintain the air quality.

Try to lessen the usage of light emitting devices such as television, laptops or mobiles at home.
Cleaning supplies such as detergent or floor cleaners which emit fumes leads to air pollution in homes. They emit toxics such as formaldehyde which cause air pollution at home. Replace them with ecofriendly cleaners such as baking soda or white vinegar etc.

Woodworks, paints and many other synthetic materials used in costruction also bring indoor air pollutants. staying away from newly painted indoor spaces will lessen the affect of air pollutants entering the humans. Even if paints or glue used in lesser amount for instance such as craft activities must be used in a well ventilated space, else its stinking odour may cause air pollution. Usage of spray paints and varnishes in households causes air pollution. Better to use a paint brush than to use a spray paint.

Dust mites and pet dander are also factors of air pollutants. Grooming of pets time to time and make a seperate space for pets at home helps us to stay unaffected from pet dander . And the dust mites need regular cleaning of pillows, beds and comforter else which may cause allergies.

Usage of room freshners, mosquito repellents, incence sticks, fragrance candles, perfumes also let out unwanted chemicals and smoke. using eco friendly products as alternates will help to stop air pollution.
If frangrance candles are used, use it with lids, Most of the scented candles give out paraffins which are toxic to inhale. Opt for a beeswax candle which is obtained in a natural way . Beeswax candle with cotton wicks glow for a longer period of time which dont let out smoke though they are slightly expensive and it also serves as a natural air purifier.

Growing of indoor plants not only gives a pleasing atmosphere and it also acts as a natural air purifier. Many indoor plants which can survive in indirect sunlight or very less exposure to sunlight such as Spider plant, Snake plant, Golden pothos, English ivy etc help to filter out unwanted toxins such as formaldehyde, benezene, tolune which are emitted from cleaners , detergents, perfumes and some cosmetic products.

Using of essential oils like eucalyptus, clove or lavender can reduce air borne bacteria. These oils can be either burnt or used in soaps or lotions which help to diffuse air pollutant particles.

Using a rocksalt lamp helps in purifying indoors from air pollutants which is actually a homedecor carved out of a pink salt. Its a piece of rocksalt incorporated with a light or LED at its centre. It purifies air by pulling the water vapour out. It has a natural glow even its switched off.

And quit smoking indoors which causes illness to children, elderly and self either immediately or later leading to respiratory disorders.
Air purifiers are used to remove the indoor air pollutants. Its suggested for asthma patients or patients with severe respiratory problems. They work in different ways and one with filters are considered to be the most effective ones.
But these air purifiers cannot be used instead of medications . The person must have madications as per physician’s advice. But its always safe to use natural ways to purify air.

Its better to be preventive than to cure later, so lets always keep our environment clean and safe from pollutants. Grow more trees. Preserve the nature and so let the nature to serve us and our generations with a pollution free living space.