Today SEO professionals have access to various useful tools that can help them give the best services to their clients. Google has worked on various paid and free tools that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of any website by using the right kind of tool. If you are interested in tracking down information about your website and the way it interacts with visitors, then the Google Analytics is surely something that you can consider.

This free tool can be used for SEO campaign since it lets you keep a track of the keyword performance so that your campaign can be successful. With this tool, you can know the potentiality of every keyword that you use and approximately how many visitors may find your website. This tool will help to open a very different word, which is helpful and beneficial so that you know exactly what is happening. Let us get to see the benefits of using the Analytics tool when you are running a campaign.

  • In comparison to any other paid tool, this analytics tools is a free tool that is very effective and offers you better functionalities. The Google Analytics in short is an effective tool that you can use and consider when you want to better the chances and possibilities to get better results.
  • With this tool you will get to know how visitors reach your website, it tells you the other keywords that are used and how well your SEO campaign is going with the set of keywords you are using. This will also let you know the type of keywords that are really working and which are not helping in your campaign.
  • When you build a website, each web age holds importance; however, not all of them are visited at the same time. Google Analytics will help you to understand which page of your website has been clicked the most by visitors and get to know the popularity of each page on your website.
  • Through the visitor segmentation option it can help you to know how many new visitors are landing on your website through the SEO campaign that you design. It gives you information like the returning or new visitors, referral, and geography sources etc.
  • This tool can also help you to understand where and how your website needs to be tuned. Additionally, it also helps in understanding if the web page copy write is really helping in conversion or not. This tells you the quality prospects your website has and how you can get a stronger hold on the complete analysis and way your website works.
  • Apart from Google, the Google Analytics will let you collect data on the website traffic that comes through Yahoo and MSN searches in regards to your website and helps you to get a firmer hold on these search engines also.

As a business, it is important for you to have access to all this information so that your SEO campaign can be used to the full potential. This can be done with the help of the reports are generated and analysis made.