How to use Google webmaster tools to improve SEO

One of the best things about Google is that it offers a huge range of tools that can come in handy when you want to promote your website. We all know that there SEO is very important and is one of the most essential factors that is considered when you are promoting a website. This helps to improve the website page ranking, generate traffic to the website, and promote your business or service.  In reality, if you do not use SEO services, no one will really know about your company or website.

Get to know where your website stands

Webmaster tools are specially designed which helps in giving you some good information and inside about how things are going for your website. These tools help you to make all the necessary analysis that can help you enhance the rating of your website. These tools also let you know how effective you website is and where it stands in the eyes of Google.

Enhance your SEO though the various features of webmaster tools

With the help of the webmaster tool, you can strategize, plan, experiments and enhance the way your website can get noticed by potential customers. For a company to sustain, it is essential that there have to be a growth in the revenue. This is only possible when people get to know about the product or service you offer. By using the webmaster tool to its full potential, you can see the best results. Some of the features and tips on how you can make the best use of this tool would include


  • An effective search query that gives you information on the keywords and traffic of and for your website. It also lets you know the potential ways that your website can be enhanced to be seen by visitors and potential customers.
  • You also get to know the kind of impression your website has on people. This is because these tools will let you know which part of your website is viewed the most and by how many people. It also lets you know how effective the keywords are and which ones are not really helping you out
  • For those who are interested to know how many people clicked the link to your website, with the webmasters tools, this information can easily be obtained. This will give you a complete report on the number of clicks your website got within a particular period, this is also known as the click per rate tool.
  • Another good thing about the webmaster tools is that you get to know how many people are seeing your website and how many of them actually clicked on the link that is provided through the search result. This also lets you know the potential traffic that your website can get through the analysis you make.
  • You can easily get to know the average performance of your website and where you can make changes so that it becomes better. These tools will help you to focus on the right areas and aspects that will help your website ranking.