A family is the basic unit of a society. A group of families form a society. The societies when get enlarged by numbers and the population increases it needs an organised system to ensure law and order. This organised system adapted by a state is known as the government.
There are many forms of government such as Autocracy, Aristocracy, Socialism, Democracy and so on. Among all democracy is considered to be the best available system of governments. Its a form of government defined as “Of the people, By the people and For the people” by Abraham Lincoln. Its a rule of the people who elect representatives among themselves to form a governing system.
Though democracy is not a perfect political system, it is definitely a form of government which try in achieving equality, decreasing conflict, and increasing civic engagement, making it the best available system of government.
A government is a system of order for a nation, state, or another political unit. A government is responsible for framing and executing the rules of a society, have a stubborn hand towards defense of the state, maintain foreign affairs, have a stable economy, and good public services.
The need to choose a government is basically to give the citizens of a country a means of representation of their majority views and opinions on a wide range of matters, when it comes to how those matters might affect the country as a whole, either nationally or internationally.
We need governments because they maintain law and order of the state. Laws are necessary for society to function in the right way. Life in a society with no laws or regulations would be unsafe and unpredictable.
Some basic necessities the government should provide:
1. Maintain law and order in the society.
2. Provide public services.
3. Provide security and defense.
1. Governments provide the specifications for everyday behavior for citizens(for example, making a rule of wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers), secure them from outside interference, and ensure their welfare and happiness. We need governments to protect us from other, powerful structures that would otherwise deprive us of our rights. If there is no law and order, the society may emerge with the theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’, and the strongest may deprive the rights of others causing a threat to their life, freedom and well being.
2. Public services are the next important duty of a government to form a fair and civilised society, which in turn important for the well being of its citizens. It provides livelihood to people. It helps in the development of the country.
It is duty of the government to provide basic needs of the people such as
Water supply,
Power supply,
Public transport,
Maintenance of roads,
Maintenance of public schools and providing education to children,
Maintain hospitals/ primary health centers,
Proper sanitation management.
Apart from these basic amenities there are many more such as telecommunications, healthcare measures (especially during pandemics), banking, postal services, emergency services and even maintenance of courts and prisons too.
3. The government’s most important purpose is protection to its subjects both externally and also internally within the state. It protects our right to life and to property. It does this by making and enforcing laws. For example, the laws make it illegal to steal from us by force or exploit our money by fraud.
A government plays a prominent role in developing and maintaining economic security in society. It is responsible for managing and regulating a country’s economy and stabilizing it for the benefits of the citizens.
We choose a government to perform these duties because it cannot be maintained by an individual person or a small group as a state belongs to large number of people. A government also assures the fundamental rights of the state ensured by a constitution to be enjoyed by its subjects. The government frame rules or norms to follow the duties that has to be performed by a citizen of the state either by laws or even by penalties and punishments if the laws are violated.
Apart from these we need a government to govern and protect us for the welfare of us and the state. Let us choose a government which is corruption free, which do not suppress its people by its power and cares for the welfare and goodness of the each and every subject of its state. Lets choose our representative who is responsible and he/she themselves be a good citizen. Exercise the duty of voting in elections which is a prime duty of democracy to choose a fair representative and form a stable and powerful government which really cares and concerns about the wellness of its people.