There are many factors that why India couldn’t win medals in the olympic games. Striving hard to get medals at least touching the double digit becomes a big dream and would be a great achievement.

India has very few medals overall and has never won medals in many of the streams in olympics. But the main reason is lack of exposure to sports activities in India.

To begin from the school level the children who are naturally talented are even deprieved from getting proper coaching or training due many reasons such as insufficient physical education teachers, lack of playing kits in schools, lack of funds in small schools for sports, lack of knowledge that sport is also an important field to achieve and set as a carrier.

Children must be identified and should be trained from the school days in their interested sport. And should be motivated that sport can also be a successful carrier. Education is so important but sport has no lesser grade. But unfortunately sports activities were not given much importance either by the government or by the educational institutions and even by the parents. Our traditional mentality of pursuing education to get a job and earn for the living doesn’t accept sports as a essential activity.

Though India participates in olympics since 1900, Its medal count Vs the population ratio remains with a huge difference. It does not mean there are no talents in India. But lot of other factors affect the actual talents to reach the show. The main cause is lack of money. We lack in spending of money in sports, whereas the developed countries or countries who continously top on the medal tally spend a huge. Starting from the training, the equipments needed for training, fitness of the athletes, healthy diet for the athletes, the competitions they need to travel and participate everything is related with money.

There are many talents in our country who are still unidentified. Athletes who belong to rural areas find great difficulties to reach the training centres and coaches to have a professional training. Even transport facilities play a major role. Financially weak families couldn’t support and encourage their children.

But there is an irony, cricket is also a sport which is worshiped like a religion in India. Lot of funds pour in to this game. Sponsors spend huge, whereas the other sports were not even recognised and athletes have to wait for sponsors else they to prove by many of their wins to get proper training from the government. This has to be changed. Any athlete who is professionally trained well and has the determination would definitely win.

Making the sport activities compulsory in educational institutions, identifying the talents, train them to reach goals, making them to exhibit their talents by participating in competitions and mainly proving financial support, establishing training centres with coaches for different sports will help a lot of young talents and future generations to achieve and accomplish in sports. Providing these facilities will surely increase the count of medals of our country not only in Olympics but in any of the games held internationally. But those who have won or participated  today in Olympics would have surely came across many hurdles to reach this level. Let’s congratulate and motivate them. Their wins will surely inspire the next generation.