Keyword Research

If you are excellent in researching keywords for your site, it is no doubt that you have known your competitors better than anyone. Keyword is the major factor to bring your site traffic, leads and sales. It is the keyword, that decides whether your business get developed or shattered.

How to Choose Right Keyword?

  • Is keyword you choose is more relevant to your website ?
  • Can audience reach your site with those appropriate keyword?
  • Is your keyword is a long tail keyword ?
  • Is your keyword is location based too ?
  • Avoid more specific keywords.
  • Avoid broad keywords too.
  • More competitive keywords too

Keywords in Title and Description

Website content’s essentials components are meant to be Meta Tile and description. And it is necessary that keywords need to be included here. By adding more relevancy helps search engines to index and showcase your website in a short while.

Inclusion of keywords in Meta Tag and Description, drives user to click your website and look for in turn increases your website’s Click Through Rate(CTR). Appropriate and catchy keywords can work more efficiently in attracting audiences attracting.

Header Optimization

Header tags is the key factor to improve search engine visibility.

H1 Tags : Only on H1 tag recommended. Primary keyword can be placed here.

H2, H3 Tags : More than 2 tags are recommended. LSI keywords can be placed here.

H4, H5 and H6 tags : Optional tags.


SEO friendly URLs

SEO-friendly URLs is almost been a dispute subject in Search Engine Optimization . Here we give some tips on how to structure SEO friendly URL.

Readability of URL

URL of website must be easy to read by visitors. It is like giving user a chance to get to know what information provided in our website. Readability is the first and foremost factor when structuring SEO friendly URL.

Embed Keywords in URL

Add keywords that you intend to rank for while organizing your website URL. So that when someone finds