It’s a dream come true to many people to get approved in google adsence, many of us know the fact that how hard is to get approved in google adsence. Here is steps what i followed to get approved, It’s really very simple to get approved if you follow google adsence policy and terms.

Hosting and Domain

Make sure the bandwidth and space of the hosting plan based on your budget, some may plan to create more blog pages with media files in that case they need more space. The domain should be first level domain, don’t prefer to go for sub domains, Eg: is called main level domain, such domains called as sub domains, in sub domain we would have very less chance for approval. And make sure the domain age of 6 months that is mandatory for approval.

Website and Design

Need to have website with good design, the design should be very nice, need to attract visitors, the color and font combination should be visible to visitors, make sure the font size is larger so that it would be very clearer, and theme color should not eye disturbing as the readers read the articles for long time so it should be eye supportive color.

Blogs and Content

Add good number of blogs to the site, there is no limit set by google, we should not take any chance, so better to have more blogs, and the content should be very quality and interesting to readers, follow the google policy for the content, and quality content also helps to bring more traffic which mean more money.

Manditory Pages

We have some mandatory pages before Appling to google adsence

About us

We should have this page with details of the owner and the site, so visitors know about this site and google also gives some value to the site who adds correct details.


We need to present site privacy details here, we have privacy content generators for this purpose, and we can use them to generate it based on our site details.


This page also can be generated using some online tools, we need to add your site details while generating the content.

Contact Us

The reader need to have option to reach you regards their issues or feedback, so we need have option reach us easily, which all gives more value to the site for approval


It would be good to have sitemap for traffic purpose not for adsence approval. We need to have 2 version of sitemap to our site, html and xml version, the html version is for visitors make them to see overall view and to navigate. Xml version is for search engine, google can crawl all pages using xml sitemap


Bring some exposure to the site and get some natural (organic) traffic, we don’t need 1000/day, A minimum of 10 – 100 users per day is good to go, do good on page optimization, which would help to bring organic traffic which is very good to the site as those traffic has more chance of conversions, so focus on natural traffic, don’t go for paid traffic.

Apply for Google Adsence

Once we set now it’s time for applying into google adsence, make sure your details are correct, the name you mentioned in the site should match here and the same name is used for payments, so use correct details. Before appling check the policy of google make sure everything is corrected.

After Approval

The google maintain high standards so you should not break policy terms after approval as well, so make sure you do regular maintenance on the site, each content you add is obey under the policy of google, and check policy changes regularly do those changes accordingly to maintain long term relationship with google.