Fitness is the ability to function actively. Though the term fitness differs in everyone’s view its a state of being in good health condition. In other words fitness is doing the day to day activities without any difficulty or strain for the body. Muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, nutrition and mental health all make a count in the physical fitness.
Today’s technology driven world has invented many machines and became digitalised reducing many of our physical activities. Many of us have a sedentary life style. Sitting for a long time in sake of work makes a body physically inactive and it is considered to be a deadly practice than smoking.
Physical fitness gives us many other benefits like it reduces the risk of diseases. It keeps you away from blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or helps to regulate their levels. It gives you a good physique and shape which makes you look better. Physical activities gives us a good sleep too. It gives energy, enthusiasm and better quality of life.
Regular exercise
Regular exercise is a tool to maintain fitness. Many types of physical activities are available to maintain physical fitness. Walking is the best suitable exercise for all. Most of the aerobic activities like aerobic exercise, swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing and sports activities like playing tennis or basketball will make your breathe harder circulates more oxygen to the body.

Loss of flexibility causes physical issues such as pains in joints and balancing disorders. flexibility exercises such as stretching and yoga gives a good motion in the joints and helps to prevent us from joint pain.
Gym activities like weight lifting, pushups, situps are some of the muscle strengthening activities. These activities tightens our muscles and strengthen the muscles.
These physical activities help us to keep our mind and body fresh and enables us to be active in our routine life.

Balanced diet
A balanced diet is a must for us to stay fit and healthy. Our body needs different types of nutrients. No single food can satisfy all the nutritious need of the body. So It is good to have a spectrum of food with different nutrients. Avoid stale foods. Do not eat junk and highly processed foods. Too much of sugar, sodium (salt) content in these foods are unhealthy. Have home made food with plenty of vegetables and greens. Add fruits in your diet as healthy snacks. Nutrient deficiency may cause many diseases especially for children.
Regular exercises or physical activities and balanced diet are the key to physical fitness. Keep your electronic gadgets away from you atleast before 30 minutes of your sleep. Keeping away your stress and indulging yourself in the hobbies you love, spending your leisure time as a quality time will improve your mental health. Be active and stay healthy.