Once a donkey lost its way and was misleaded to a dense forest. All the animals in the forest were afraid and running in fear to save themselves from the lion, the king of forest. A deer was also frightened and running with other animals.

The donkey stopped the deer and asked why all the animals were running in fear?. And the deer informed that all the animals were afraid of lion but they donkey was fearless and went alone in the forest and roaming here and there. It became tired and felt thirsty. so it went to a stream to drink water.

There were some hunters who dried the skin of hunted animals like tiger, deer and lion. The tiger picked one of the lion’s skin from the rocks where it was dried. It worn the lion skin and begin to roam in the forest.

It was on top of pride as all the animals were afraid just by seeing it and gave him a premium status. All the animals walked fearfully and gave way to walk proudly. The donkey was on the top of happiness.

Once a fox crossed its way, but in fear it pleaded to excuse for its mistake for crossing the king lion’s way. The donkey which was disguised as lion was so happy and it just wanted to roar a like a lion. But at once he neighed the fox and the other animals around came to know that the donkey was acting as a lion all these days.

All the animals laughed at this and some animals were really angry on donkey who cheated them and never shared a space
for the donkey or respected it. The donkey felt ashamed of his deed and realized.

Moral: Never try to disguise or act as others. Be yourself and act wisely. Each one is unique. So be youself and you
will earn your own respects as per your deeds.