Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the condition caused by a retro virus called HUMAN IMMUNO DEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV). AIDS is characterized by set of disease affecting the human immune system. AIDS in today`s world is a disease spreading actively in all the parts of the world.


According to various researches states that AIDS originate from the central Africa. At the end of the 20th century AIDS patient across the world has increased tremendously, especially in India. Knowledge on this disease is still at a low rate and not reached everyone. Here we give the complete information on the disease.


The world aids day is on 1st December.

HIV action:

HIV is the retro type of virus. Once it enters the body it directly attacks the CD4 type of white blood cells in the blood and destroys them. CD4 is the main white blood cell type which fights against the infections. When these cells are destroyed body`s resistance against infections is reduced and body is more prone to infections. More infections continue to develop and these set of disease comes to the end stage called AIDS.


HIV infected person have viruses in the blood, semen and vaginal fluid.

Types of HIV:

  • HIV 1 – this type is mainly responsible for AIDS all over the world.
  • HIV 2 – this type is mainly seen in African regions and rare in few areas. The life time in this type is longer.


Transmission of HIV:

HIV is easily spread from AIDS affected person to others in various ways through following transmissions.

  • Insecure method of sexual intercourse with the infected person.
  • Having sex with more multiple sex partners.
  • Blood transfusion from the infected person.
  • Use of syringe for injection without sterilization.
  • Transmitted from the infected mother to the child.

Possible Symptoms seen in AIDS:

Symptoms can be seen only in the last stage of HIV infection. Before that the person looks healthy and normal in all aspects. The following symptoms occur all together and suddenly.

  • Persistent feverish feeling for more than one month.
  • Continued cough reflex for several months, usually with dry cough.
  • Sudden loss of more weight is noticed.
  • Frequent diarrhea for about more than a week.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • White spot seen in the mouth region
  • Increased sweat during the night time
  • Infectious conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis, herpes simplex, hepatitis, meningitis, etc